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Dan's been writing books since he was 6 years old. His first novel, I Went Tinkle in the Toilet, was a collaborative effort with his illustrator and imaginary friend, Grover. The two were a literary tour de force, often times crayoning their way through 4 novellas a day, ending only when it was time for bed or the crayons became nubby.

​How'd I Get Here? And Wy Am I Stealing M&M's From Air Force One? is Dan's first solo effort. Dan worked for NBC News for nearly 15 years as a cameraman, editor and producer. Today he writes as a guest columnist for the Orlando Sentinel, contributes to a variety of international travel magazines, and occasionally pens pithy emails to his Home Owners Association.

​Dan's a self-anointed "cork dork" connoisseur of wine, loves all music but can't play a single instrument. He blames the wine. Dan is also recommended by 4 out of 5 people who recommend things.

Just a guy...standing in front of you with a book...asking you to love it!


And Why Am I Stealing M&M's From Air Force One?

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