​​"How'd I Get Here?" is a must read experience that will then take up residence on your shelf as a friend to be revisited." - Pierre H. Matisse, Artist

"I just read your wonderful book and I thank you for sharing your amazing storytelling abilities!  You made me laugh and my flight from Orlando to Zurich just flew by - no pun intended."​ - Betty Greer, Former U.S. Ambassador 

"Dan Beckmann has traveled the world as a cameraman, and has rubbed shoulders with some of the most amazing people on this planet (You have to read the book to find out who they are!)  "How'd I Get Here? And Why Am I Stealing M&Ms From Air Force One? is a fun, light-hearted romp, in which Dan shares his AMAZING life adventures." - Stephanie Adams, Actress 

"From stealing Justin Timberlake's caviar to getting into some really sticky situations in the Middle East, Dan has seen it all and given us a great glimpse of how to live life to the fullest without looking back! LOVED IT!" - Samuel Woodring

"I especially loved the chapter where he tells of cruising across the ocean and realizing he was making the same trek as his ancestors ... only in style and comfort. Quite moving. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll want to meet this man someday! Totally suggest this for your reading pleasure! - Eva Marie Everson, Author 

“There couldn't have been a better title for this book by Dan Beckmann...he truly seems to not realize he has been somewhere special until the fat lady has sung and the band is packing up. But when he does notice that he has either been a witness to a great deed - whether large or small, been a part of making history - whether at war or at peace, or perhaps tripping over an electrical cord trying to make a hasty exit after an innocent gaff, he does so with awe and inspiration.” - Michael Maley

"Oh, wait! You mean your book is for toilet reading not toilet paper?" - Dan's chaffed and horrified neighbor after his bathroom bliss went awry 

“There are moments in life that shape and mold us … some of us are blessed (or cursed) with more than our share. In HOW’D I GET HERE? AND WHY AM I STEALING M&MS FROM AIR FORCE ONE, Dan Beckmann gives us an enticing, vivid journey of faith, good fortune and endless possibilities. It is a wonderful joyride and I felt I was right there next to him, fiddling with the radio, eating Doritos and enjoying the scenery zipping by. - Royal Riedinger

“How’d I Get Here? is a gem of a little book that will leave you smiling and laughing throughout. It is about the crazy demands of an NBC cameraman who recounts his aspirations as a young boy from Fenton, Missouri, his experiences with the greats of the news media, his adventures and occasional misadventures in the pursuit of a career in radio and television that takes him around the world and on a special trip on Air Force One.” - Charles Peloquin 

“Where do I begin?  From the first word I was hooked.  In How'd I Get Here?, Dan Beckmann takes you on a roller coaster ride from hilarity to sensitivity, from uproarious laughter to great ponderance.  His writing style makes it feel as though he is sitting next to you sharing the stories in person.  We are all made for a purpose, and Dan has embraced that purpose and found a way to allow us all a glimpse into his journey.” - Ron Rigdon 

“Funny stories and a real quick book to read!” - Mary Moffitt 

“Read this honest, funny, poignant, and endearing book.  There is at least one thing in it that will make you look back on your own life and either laugh or thank GOD you weren't Dan Beckmann.” - Christopher Kindred

“A very interesting, humorous and down to earth look behind the scenes of a photographic reporter...photographers are human too, it seems.  A book hard to put down and frequently brought a smile to my face. Thoroughly enjoyable lighthearted read.  What an interesting life the author has led.” - Colin Harris 


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And Why Am I Stealing M&M's From Air Force One?